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Dam nice art that i will never be able to draw.

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Unusual WTH are you doing writing another journal?
Yes i am writing another journal because i am bored.

Today i am gonna talk about pageviews and how to get a crap ton of em.
So what is a pageview?
Well you all probably know what they are but just for the heck of this journal i will make a horrible explanation. Pageviews are views you got on your page everyday by a unique person. What a horrible explanation.
Pageviews dont really mean anything, just shows how many people actually checked on you or noticed you (mostly your art, if you have any).

Now thats all about the explanation and time to get down to the tips on how to get pageviews:

1) Commenting
    You will get noticed if you comment on anything. Like art, journals, some other profile, anywhere!
    What i suggest is that you take all your damn messages and comment to almost every one of them and fave some of them too, thats how you will get noticed.

2) Journal Spamming
    Yes, journal spamming, something that i might be doing right now. Journal spamming can get you really noticed by your watchers and some other people and the watchers can get you more people by them telling their other buddies. When you journal spam just talk make a journal about anything like: 1) How you hate someone
                                                                                                               2) How sad/depressed you are
                                                                                                               3) Sharing a video/song
                                                                                                               4) And talking about random other things

3) Role Play/RP
    Yes, some people like RP and by some i mean almost the entire god damn deviantART community. Just go on anybodys page or your friends page and talk to them and then ask them to RP, most of them should    accept the RP. They all get to know you more and your OCs for later RPs.

4) Random llama giving
    Llamas, so magical and weird. Some people love em and some hate em to hell. By randomly searching for people you can give them a llama and they will also give you one in return and also a pageview. Its a double win basically.

5) Art/Literature
And finally the most obvious one but the most hardest will get you noticed and get you views, llamas, faves and even watchers. It might sound easy but your art/literature must be good, but hey we all start small and some dont even do anything (like me for example). Also, you need a lot of creativity, you can be good at art/literature but if you cant be creative it wont turn out well.
Now you might be wondering why i havent been using all this. Well its simple: 1) I am hell lazy
                                                                                                        2) I dont like spamming
                                                                                                        3) I used to RP but now i dont
                                                                                                        4) I cant do art/literature, i suck

There, those 5 simple tips should work no problem. Just watch out, if you are annoying to someone by constantly commenting or asking to RP then better stop before they block ya.
Now good luck and enjoy your dA life with all your friends :3
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Hladno Pivo
  • Reading: Eragon, dA storries
  • Watching: YouTube Stuff
  • Playing: TF2, Anno 2070, Gmod, JS2
  • Eating: Pizza, Grilled cheese
  • Drinking: Water, Coffee, Sprite


unusualguy1's Profile Picture
Good day ya big headed wankers. My names unusual, i came here for the love of stories and art. I dont really upload much and this page lacks feedback and stuff, oh well. Anyways i am a TF2 loving dragon fanatic in a short way. TF2 is just a really amazing game and its really fun and dosnt get boring so quickly. And i dont know why i like dragons, i never figured that out i liked them since my childhood and still like em.
Also i might not upload stuff but i am active here so if you need me or anything just call.
And if you are really nice you might find out my IRL name.

--Unusual out--

My chatroom, if you want to join:…

Icon (c) :icondruddy:
Profile picture (c) :iconstreetdragon95:
Sniper: (c) Valve TF2 Sniper by Marlenesstamps
Ranger: (c) unusualguy1 Ranger by Marlenesstamps
Sometimes Wishful Thinking by whispwill but since i cant i dont draw stuff.
This is my country flag. Croatia Stamp by l8
The only band, the best band Hladno Pivo stamp by Dotario
And Too much senior-dArama by prosaix
JackSepticEye For the win Jacksepticeye stamp by PenguinPotato

I am a Stamp: Dragon fanatic by Dragarta
Believe in Dragons Stamp by barefootphotos And hopefully i will meet a dragon one day.

This stamp speaks to me.
----->>>> Feedback stamp by AnaNoArt <<<<-----

Oh hell yeah, 5 more pageviews then yesterday :iconcoachplz: !
----->>>> Pageview Stamp by all-one-line <<<<-----

My favorite TF2 class

My favorite pokemon

The best game

║(o)║♥♫Music is Life♫

Best artist ever:

Best SFM poster maker guy:

Best Writer ever:

Amazing people:
:iconspongepierre: :iconlatrion: :iconstreetdragon95: :iconthemoderator: :iconpatrickjr: :icondree-da: :iconkenmario: :iconlekisceon: :icondalton897: :iconmanticorephantom:

And since you somehow visited this very lonely page, might as well support and see these amazing artists, comic writers and story writers:
:iconxannador: :iconseeraphine: :iconstreetdragon95: :icontanorath-drgn: :iconpatrickjr: :iconanimeboye:

Dragons bloody rule, they are amazing and i am never gonna change my mind over something else.


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